Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Spit On Your Grave

I finally got the chance to see this remake this weekend. I'm a fan of the original, even though it is a little hard to watch. I personally liked this better than the original. I've noticed a pattern with the remakes of 70s exploitation films. The rape scenes are made less brutal, while the revenge scenes are much better. I'm a fan of gore, and violence in movies, but tend to find rape scenes a little hard to watch. They were brutal in this movie, but not as bad as the original to me. They definitely tried to keep in theme with the original, especially with the main title sequence while she is driving. It had the overall feel of the original as well, but with a score. The original had no score, which I think made it a bit more haunting. The revenge scenes in this one are way more "HELL YEAH" tho. I even cringed at some parts, and I don't do that often. I recommend this to fans of the original and other 70s exploitation films.

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