Sunday, May 22, 2011

Six Flags Great Adventure

So Friday 5-20-11 I went to Great Adventure with my sister... It started out crappy, but ended up a great day. The first 90 mins it rained so hard that all the rides were closed. After that it rained on and off a little, but not enough to close the rides, even got a bit of sunshine from time to time. By the last 3 hours there were almost no lines, so we got some re-rides in.

El Toro- Rode this one 2 times. I sat in the back seat both times. This is an AMAZING coaster and by the 3rd airtime hill quickly took my #1 spot of all time! (Sorry I305). I absolutely loved this coaster.. I would have rode it more, but by the end of the day it was only running one train, so the line was a bit longer and I wanted to get some Re-rides in.

Kingda Ka- The tallest in the world, and 2nd fastest in the world. I had to experience this one. Being launched from 0-128mph in 3.5 seconds, the launch leads you up an element called a tophat... which happens to be 456 ft tall.
So I have 2 opinions of this coaster. I rode this 3 times. the first 2 times were in the first and second row. I loved it! I couldn't believe how intense this ride is. The wind, barely able to keep your eyes open, and the view as you first look down and begin to spiral back to the ground. I have never ridden a coaster where after it was over my heart was pounding and I had jelly legs. I think if this ride was more than 17 seconds it would be too much to take... Ok so the other opinion, the 3rd time I rode it I sat towards the back... totally different experience.. By the end of the launch the car was shaking so bad that my head was banging against the restraints uncontrollably. It was WAY too rough. I did not enjoy the ride in the back car. For the future I will only ride on the front or close to it.

Nitro - This was an amazing ride. My first B&M Hyper, and now I see what the hype is about. My ass spent more time off the seat than on. Intimidator 305 got bumped twice, because even though El Toro got my #1 coaster, Nitro has taken my #1 Steel coaster. I rode this one twice, also in the back row... If I had more time I would have done at least one more round.

Superman -Ultimate Flight- I cannot tell you how disappointed I was in this coaster. I only had ridden one flyer before. Vekoma's Batwing at SFA. I love Batwing, but I thought Superman was so boring. There are barely any exciting elements in this coaster, the g forces on the pretzel loop are very uncomfortable, and waiting at the brake run entering the station was uncomfortable just hanging there.. I was glad I didn't wait long for this one.

Green Lantern - This was only open for passholders which was good and bad. Bad because my sister couldn't get on, but good because there was NO line. My sister knew I wanted to ride it so she told me to go ahead.. and I did, twice. I never got to ride it as Chang, so it was a new coaster for me. I loved it. It was a great smooth ride. My only other stand up is Shock Wave, and Green Lantern beats the hell out of that one. Faster, Smoother, Better elements, and a much more comfortable restraint system. I'll add some pics here, but if you want to see more check them out on my FB page.

Batman - I like this coaster, but it's nothing special. I rode it once. I think this is the common opinion.

Bizarro - I rode this once before in 2000 when it was Medusa... I remember liking it then, but for some reason this time it seemed so much better. It keeps its speed well while traveling through many elements without being rough. The visual effects are awesome as well. I had to ride this one twice. I don't get the point of the speakers though... you can really only hear them on the lift hill and brake run.

There are other coasters at the park, but with the limited time we had... I wanted to re-ride the big boys.