Friday, June 24, 2011


Headed to our nations capital today to apply for our marriage license... We will be LEGALLY married by the end of July. Then comes the planning for the Church wedding and reception down the road. We had a great day together and it made it even better to come home and find out NY followed in DC's footsteps... It's a big day for all of us, to have the option to Legally marry someone we love REGARDLESS of their gender, and a big FUCK YOU to those opposed!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's official!

After 7+ years together, last night my boyfriend proposed and asked me to marry him. I gladly said yes. So we are now officially engaged and I couldn't be happier. Looking forward to what is to come!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Contest winning!

So my local amusement park, Six Flags America opened 4 new waterslides this past Saturday. They had a contest on facebook about a month ago to name the slides. The Attraction is called Zoomazon Falls and they wanted the names to be related to the Amazon. I was very excited when my name, Sloth Splashdown made it to the top 8 for a final vote. I was contacted last week and told that mine was one of the 4 top winners and was invited to bring a guest for the opening ceremony and be the first to go down the slide I named. It was a very cool experience. Not only because I had actually won, but because I finally brought my hubby to the park for his first time. It was a great day, we spent half of it in the waterpark and half of it on the coasters. I thought it was very cool that they not only let me be the first to slide down my slide, but my hubby got to go down right after me. It's very cool to know that my home park has something there that I named.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Gripe Session

Just something this weekend that really bothers me. There is a horror movie convention in town with a lot of the cast members from the Friday The 13th series... My favorite series in horror. I was really considering going until multiple friends of mine informed me that a lot of the actors charge for an autograph or a picture.. Anywhere from $5-$40.. I'm sorry, but that's total bullshit. First off, while us horror geeks know who they are, most people wouldn't, so they need to stop acting like they are Brad Pitt or something. 2nd, they need to appreciate their fans, not take advantage of them. I'm not a person who is very well off financially, and I don't wanna have to spend more money on top of the admission just to get to meet or get my picture with some of these people. I would like to think that if in some way I would ever become famous, I would appreciate my fans, and not expect them to pay me to get a picture or autograph. Who do they think they are? I just hate how everything anymore has to come with a price tag. We've bought your movies, even bought t-shirts or posters for them, but you are not God. Get off your high horse and just be thankful that people still appreciate you for the handful of movies you made 20 some years ago.