Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Contest winning!

So my local amusement park, Six Flags America opened 4 new waterslides this past Saturday. They had a contest on facebook about a month ago to name the slides. The Attraction is called Zoomazon Falls and they wanted the names to be related to the Amazon. I was very excited when my name, Sloth Splashdown made it to the top 8 for a final vote. I was contacted last week and told that mine was one of the 4 top winners and was invited to bring a guest for the opening ceremony and be the first to go down the slide I named. It was a very cool experience. Not only because I had actually won, but because I finally brought my hubby to the park for his first time. It was a great day, we spent half of it in the waterpark and half of it on the coasters. I thought it was very cool that they not only let me be the first to slide down my slide, but my hubby got to go down right after me. It's very cool to know that my home park has something there that I named.


  1. That is SO FUCKING COOL! Congratulations!
    Oh and um...WOOF to you and hubby. Grrrr!

  2. Congratulations. Super cool. (no pun intended, lol)