Friday, June 3, 2011

Gripe Session

Just something this weekend that really bothers me. There is a horror movie convention in town with a lot of the cast members from the Friday The 13th series... My favorite series in horror. I was really considering going until multiple friends of mine informed me that a lot of the actors charge for an autograph or a picture.. Anywhere from $5-$40.. I'm sorry, but that's total bullshit. First off, while us horror geeks know who they are, most people wouldn't, so they need to stop acting like they are Brad Pitt or something. 2nd, they need to appreciate their fans, not take advantage of them. I'm not a person who is very well off financially, and I don't wanna have to spend more money on top of the admission just to get to meet or get my picture with some of these people. I would like to think that if in some way I would ever become famous, I would appreciate my fans, and not expect them to pay me to get a picture or autograph. Who do they think they are? I just hate how everything anymore has to come with a price tag. We've bought your movies, even bought t-shirts or posters for them, but you are not God. Get off your high horse and just be thankful that people still appreciate you for the handful of movies you made 20 some years ago.

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  1. Hopefully karma will be just and some of these big headed peeps will get the swift kick they deserve.

    Sorry about your weekend sweetie, but glad you tossed a post our way. ;)