Saturday, February 26, 2011

On a more serious note....

I know I don't really post much about life issues. I'm normally not a person to share my drama with people outside of my inner circle of friends, but this cub has a lot on his mind this weekend. I've been working for a certain distribution warehouse for almost 4 years now. It's the first job I've ever had that I really liked. I also had an awesome small crew that I work with on 3rd shift. However yesterday I was let go, or as the manager worded it "separated from the company". Even though I enjoy my job there have been a lot of pressures lately. My partner has been on disability for a while due to back surgery. So with the stress of taking care of him at the time of the surgery, and feeling the pressure of being pretty much the sole provider in the household (disabilty doesn't pay much) and the managers at work really cracking down on production, I pushed myself too hard to meet and/or exceed the production standards that were expected. To top that off, I worked in the freezer, so needless to say with it being cold, you wanna get the job done and not waste time. In pushing myself too hard, I was making small mistakes here and there. Nothing that could cost the company any money, mostly just keying freight into the wrong slot... something inventory control can fix in a matter of minutes. However even with having the highest productivity of anyone on my shift, the manager found this to be in excess. I can understand them not wanting people to make mistakes, but isn't that why inventory control is there?? I just find myself very frustrated. There are so many people in that company who lie, cheat, and steal, and here I am, honest, and hardworking, and I'm the one who gets fired for making mistakes. When things like this happen, it just makes me wonder why I even bother. I'm a nice person and an honest worker and I get shit on, yet the people who are crooked seem to always end up ahead. Now I'm the one left wondering how long it will take to find another job, I'm the one who is going to have to start over, possibly at a job that I hate just so bills can get paid, and I'm the one who is sitting here this weekend, with so much on my mind that my head could explode. Meanwhile, others keep their jobs and continue to cheat the company and steal... I'm not trying to be a martyr here, it just seems like further proof that nice guys really do finish last.... This cub could really use a bear hug.


  1. ((grrrr hugs)) hang in there... and here is the typical line.... things happen for a reason and I am sure you will land on your feet...

    Take this weekend to clear your mind and relax. Then come Monday morning formulate a plan - updating your resume, begin online searches, apply for unemployment benefits - and it will work out. Be patient. And if you need anything let us know.