Friday, December 3, 2010

Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma

I realized I haven't done any posts on my passion for horror movies, so I dedicate my first one to the Friday The 13th series. A story about a boy and his mother. This is my favorite series in horror. I love every movie in the series except for the 2009 remake, which I thought was terrible. The think I love about the Friday The 13th movies is that they are simple, yet not stupid. The epitome of 80s horror. These are great movies to relax and watch, you don't have to think much, just sit back and watch a bunch of teenagers getting picked off one by one, and in different, sometimes creative ways. The first 4 films are definitely must see movies for horror fans. They are the best in the series. You have to love Mrs Voorhees in the first movie, "Kill her mommy, kill her". Betsy Palmer was amazing in this role. These movies have also held a special place for me, since my name is Jason and I have had multiple birthdays fall on a Friday The 13th.


  1. the original was the bomb. And remake broke my heart, I hated it

  2. Same here. I wasn't so much mad at the fact that I wasted $10 to see it as I was mad that they thought this movie would please the fans. Mrs. Voorhees was in it for like 1 minute (major bullshit), Jason had that one girl captive... he didn't capture people, he killed them, occasionally threw bodies through windows. And last but not least, the death scenes in the original series were way better than the ones in the remake. Ughh, it was the worst remake I've seen since The Fog